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The website of Garry Conn is about computers, coding, CSS, HTML, Linux, MySQL, PHP, SEO, web design, web hosting and web servers.

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Base64 Encoder and Decoder

Encode or decode data, a message or text using this free online Base64 encoder and decoder tool.

Custom Search Engines

Google Custom Search has been around for many years. Here are a few custom search engines I have created. In due time, I will add more. I actually create these for my own personal use and figured if they are useful to me then they could be useful to everyone else. Enjoy!

Domain Checker

Check the SEO value or how much a domain name is worth. Enter a domain name below and a wew tab will open automatically and display the DMOZ, Flippa, WayBack Machine, Alexa, Google Index, Google Backlinks and Whois data plus MORE!

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Free and Fun Classic Games

Here are a few free and fun classic games you can play.

I also recently launched a new games section on the website and have been adding new games to the list. I enjoy playing classic arcade games and fortunately it seems like many of then have been converted into flash.

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