Garry Conn

How to Run a Website Speed Test

By Garry Conn - Wed, Jan 16 2013, 4:11am CST

If you would like to know how fast or slow your website is loading up for your visitors check out Pingdom Tools. They have a website speed test that works very well. I found Pingdom Tools earlier last year after spending some time searching for a website speed test utility. It was a little tricky to find because most of the search results were for testing Internet speeds such as the Speakeasy Speed Test. 

What I like about the Pingdom Tools website speed test is how the results are broken down. I can quickly determine which elements of the website are performing well and which ones are not. The results of the test are shown in a waterfall based on the load order. There is another section called Performance Grade which provides recommendations along with performance grade scores. Here is a screenshot of my website page speed performance results.

The Performance Grade will score based on bad requests, browser caching, redirects, request size, query strings and other elements. If the score is low under a certain element, suggestions are offered on how to improve the score. I followed the suggestions and eventually got my score to 100. It wasn't difficult to do and by doing so, my website load very fast. Faster than most in fact and that's really neat knowing that my website is hosted on a super old computer located in the closet of my home office.