Garry Conn

What Do You Think About The Custom Blog Publisher I Created

This was a lot of work, but a ton of fun and an absolute blast of an experience. As you may have already read in a previous page I published, I no longer use WordPress. For the past few months I have been slowly developing my own blog publishing and page creation system from scratch. In my opinion, I think WordPress is great. However, I think over the years it has become much more complicated of a system than it needs to be in order to do such simple tasks. Tasks such as publishing content to a page, syndicating the content via RSS, updating a sitemap and allowing viewers to interact with the author as well as other viewers.

Like I said, there's absolutely nothing wrong with WordPress. It served me well for many years and continues to do so for millions of other bloggers today. It's just not for me. I'm a builder... I build things. It's one of my strengths as an individual but consequently it's also one of my weaknesses. What I mean by that is I could have just canned my desire to create this system and used that time to write articles. But, by doing what I did, I learned a lot and increased my experience as a web developer and programmer.

So let me show you the cool, boring, dull, plain features of my blogging system. First, here's a screen shot of the "Add a New Page" section:

It has a rich text editor which gives me full control over the content HTML. It also includes an image uploader, that's how I updated and posted the screenshot above. I can control font size, family and format. It's pretty cool. Very similar to WordPress or Blogger or even Microsoft Word to an extent. All in all, it's just a basic rich text editor. It has spell check too, which is something I absolutely need to have. Spel Cheker hydes the fahct that ima red nek from tenec.

I've been publishing online for many years. So if you happen to follow my writing and what I talk about, you might know that I prefer things simple. Or rather, I like to present very complicated things in a very simple way. I think that stems from having A.D.H.D. At any rate, it's who I am and I like it. The point I am leading to is what occurs when I click the Publish button. It's absolutely amazing to me and probably will be very boring to you (shocker). Basically, when I click the publish button it takes all the information submitted and places it in a new page. Here's a screenshot of the actual BLANK template:

Pretty neat, huh? Simple... the way I like it. I love coding things. However, when I write and publish content on the web, content is what's important to me. And with this template, I can focus just on that. All the coding has been push to different files. the page-top and page-bottom template files are the only two things called to be included on the actual page that has the REAL content.

Inside those two template files call for additional files that produce the css styling and page formatting. The back-end of the system -the part I am using to write this- has a sitemap updater, rss feed updater, sidebar updater and a home page updater. When I click the publish button the new page is instantly published and it's entry is automatically added to the sitemap, rss feed, sidebar and homepage. And that's pretty much all I need in a CMS system.

As time permits, I will be doing more with the system. But for the time being, this works for what I need. In due time I will be adding an "Edit Page" feature. I think that would be useful. For the time being I simply ssh into the server and make any changes to pages needed. I am however, designing this system so that it can be shared with others. And in order to do that, an edit page feature is needed. Not many people have an interested in editing pages via ssh or even ftp. So that will be a feature that I will work on next. In the mean time, sit back and enjoy reading the articles I write. As always, I would love to hear from you. Contact me to let me know what you think about the blogging system I created so far.