Garry Conn

What Are Your Opinions About Canonical Embedding Affiliate Links Into Ubuntu

Debian did and continues to do all the hard work. Canonical -the Bill Gates of Linux- created one of the best affiliate marketing tools on the planet. Jealous much? Well yeah! Of course I'm jealous. I would love to have my Amazon cookie embedded into thousands, possibly millions of computers around the world.

But regardless if I am jealous or not that's completely beside the point. Linux is supposed to be commercial free and open-source. Many people that use Linux operating systems have not so nice feelings about Microsoft and other software bullies. Granted, I know, with Linux you can create anything you want, and it's your choice to slap a price tag on it and sell it, or in Canonical's case: use their tool to profit from commissions earned via affiliate links.

... how can Ubuntu be free? Simple. If you use it, you're nothing more than just a human battery plugged into their Matrix system.

I don't know, it just seems low class to me. I feel tricked. It's people like myself that played a part in getting Ubuntu where it is today. And what do they do to pay that back? They trick lesser experienced users who know nothing about affiliate and Internet marketing by embedding affiliate links into their operating system.

I ranted about Ubuntu becoming a traitor to the Linux community in the beginning of this year -it got mixed reviews. But I still stand my ground and hold strong to my opinion about Canonical. I think they have really tainted what Linux is about and in my opinion using Ubuntu is basically the same thing as using a Microsoft operating system without all the blue screen errors and glitches.

Don't get me wrong, Ubuntu is an amazing operating system. But there's a reason for that: Debian did all the hard work, and continues to do so. And the Debian community does it for free and the operating system is sacred for being completely open-source. In fact, you have to deliberately allow it not to be by allowing in non-free packages into your install.

Anyway, I am probably stupid, but I don't care. It's how I feel and it will take a lot to change my view. You're welcome to try. Last point is this: I don't think Canonical is doing anything wrong; however, I do think when they decided to go mainstream commercial they should have branched their distro and kept Ubuntu as what it use to be (i.e. 10.04 was okay) and updated it, and then create a more commercialized version such as FUbuntu. I'm sure you can figure out what that stands for. What's your opinion about Ubuntu? Contact me and let me know what you think about this.