Garry Conn

How to Recover From the Latest Google Panda Update

According to a post written by Barry Schwartz, author on Search Engine Journal, it has been confirmed that Google released an update to their algorithm that that largely targets low quality exact match domain websites. However, people are reporting in that additional sites other than EMD ones have been affected by this update too!

I think mine is one of them! But you know what? Many years ago I use to care and freakout about losing my Google Rankings. Today, I really don't care. If Google thinks my site isn't worth of pulling on in the search results, then so be it. Years ago I would tweak things and worry about SEO and bite my nails on whether I would rank within the top ten in the SERPs. However, I have concluded after all these years of going back and forth, back and forth, code change, test some more and code change, that it's simply not worth it.

I think if publishers focus on publishing that Google will take care of the rest. It's their search engine. They can do what they want. I think if you figure out a way to artificially rank for keywords that you naturally were not intended for then that will catch up to you. Ultimately my SEO advice to anyone who cares is to ignore SEO and pretend it doesn't exist. Most CMS software do well out of the box. Even WordPress without doing the SEO friendly permalinks work well.

Make your website amazing for people. Write amazing content that is targeted for the eyes of humans, not robots. And make sure that your HTML and PHP code is clean and easy for a machine to figure out what the hell you did! Other than that, I think if you do these things mentioned, your website or blog will do just fine. Also, today it really isn't just all about Google anymore, or rather their search engine.

Today you can score quite a bit of traffic and viewer interest via Facebook, Google+ and Twitter. My additional advice is to focus on those three avenues rather than spend all your time trying to figure out the algorithm and game the system from a company whom you're probably too broke to purchase even one share of stock from!