Garry Conn

How to Get Linux Certified in Order to Find an Amazing Career in the IT Business

I read this in a post on PCWorld by Katherine Noyes. The Linux Professional Institute (LPI) announced that their Linux Essentials program will soon be available in North America. Completing the program can line you up with a sweet gig in one of the wide varieties of emerging job roles within the IT sector. Specifically with the explosive growth of the cloud.

Noyes offered a quick reminder that at any time if you decide to sharpen your linux skills that there are multiple online resources available. A great place to start, in my opinion, is Lower right side you will see the Free Online Linux Courses.

They have three courses: Beginners level, Intermediate and Advanced. Also, you might not know this, but recently revamped their site and turned it into an online user supported community. That means if you feel compelled to do so, you can share your knowledge with others in the community by posting articles on the site.