Garry Conn

Debian vs Slackware - Which Operating System is Better and Why?

By Garry Conn - Wed, Jan 16 2013, 4:11am CST

I am not going to rehash how I started using Linux full time. I wrote about that already a few times. Instead, let me get you quickly up to speed. When I finally become a full time Linux user, it started with Ubuntu and then soon migrated to Debian. That's what I use literally for everything full time. My web servers, MySQL servers, database servers and backup servers are all Debian. My webcam servers I have throughout my house are all Debian. My laptops and desktops, once again Debian. I love Debian. It's the best operating system I have ever used.

Once you get through the initial learning stages of Linux and get more comfortable with doing things in a shell, Debian seems to be one of the easiest operating systems on the planet to use. I also like what they stand for. For me, Debian has all the simplicity that Ubuntu has, minus the cloud over my head and feeling of using Microsoft. Ubuntu reminds me of the Microsoft version of Linux. But it's a great operating system. When I released that it was based on Debian and that Debian was one of the core distros, I switched.

But now I am curious about Slackware - actually have been for two years. I tried installing it once before and failed utterly. It's nothing like Debian, but in all fairness, I didn't have my heart into the project when I tried. I just aimlessly wanted to get it installed. So my opinion about Slackware isn't a fair one. I am sure the problem was me, and not the software.

That said, I really want to start using Slackware very soon. Before I do, I wanted to gather feedback from people about it. I would like comparisons between the two operating systems: Debian vs Slackware. I want opinions on which operating system is better. Most importantly I want to know why! 

If possible, I would like to know some of the potential challenges a Debian user would face with trying, or even installing Slackware. At my level of experience with Debian, I can literally do everything I need with computing. It's very simple. And it didn't take long to learn. I am very comfortable with the commands in a shell. But also too, and I am glad I thought to mention this, I would NOT be where I am at today without the help of the Debian community.

There are countless number of blogs, forums, chats and documentation available in order to achieve what you want with Debian. In most cases for me, Google is my best friend coupled with a snippet of code some one did on one blog and another snippet of code some one else did on a message board. Put the two together and BOOM I have the perfect web server, or BOOM I have the perfect web cam server.

What can you tell me about Slackware and how does it compared to Debian? If you have never used Slackware, simply tell me about your experience with Debian and how it compared to something else. For Slackware users, how does Slackware compare to Debian, and if you have never used or tried Debian, then how to Slackware compare to other Linux distros that you are familiar with. I am hoping to see and looking forward to reading a lot of feedback. Thanks to anyone who is willing to share their opinions and thoughts! Contact me and let me know what you think!