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How to Keep Your Windows-Based Computer Safe From Spyware

The best way to keep your computer safe and secure is by using Linux. I'm not sure if that's just an opinion or fact. I'm sure I could compile a list of references to support this statement. But I'll leave that part to you. I can tell you this: in my business of providing computer repair and services, virus removal is the most popular thing I do. And yet, I have never had to remove a virus from a Linux-based PC. And only a few times dealt with infected Macbooks.

If you want to keep your computer safe, download and install Linux. I recommend Debian. However, if you just can't seem to motivate yourself enough to make the switch from Windows to Linux, the next best thing is using SUPERAntiSpyware along with a few other tools that I'll mention soon.

Above is a screen shot of SUPERAntispyware in action. Of all the tools I use, this one is one of the best. And best of all -- it's free. Well, for a limited time. But that's long enough to get the job done.

Even if you don't feel like your computer is injected you should still download this program and run a scan. You'll be amazed with what it picks up. You can thank me later!

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