Garry Conn

How to Take Control Over Your Gmail Using Filters

I have a few different email addresses all for different things. But one email address I have had for many years and I really like it. But for many years too, it has constantly gotten bombed with junk email. I am going to be fixing this. And how I will be doing that is by using the filters feature of Gmail.

This is not going to be a quick fix.This isn't going to be something that I can instantly change over night. And also, in order for this to work, I have to set a goal for myself to actually follow thru with what I need to do. Here's how it works...

Each time you get an undesirable email, click the little arrow down button on the right:

... and then click "filter messages like this". From there you can choose what you want to do with messages such as the one you selected.

For me, the basic filter I use is DELETE any new messages from a certain email address. Also, the neat thing about the filter is that I can also check to apply the filter to messages already previously received. Doing this instantly chips away at my email problem.

If you do this day by day, each time you get an email you do not want, over a short period of time you will start to see significant results. Like I said, this isn't an issue you can fully take care of over night, but over the course of time, you will start to see the positive effects of creating email filters. The most important thing is DOING IT immediately when the undesirable email comes in. If you do that, you'll never have to worry about it ever again. 

The above screen shot shows a filter I created which also removed 220 messages. To me, it's like a video game, or going fishing! I make a game out of this. Each time I setup a filter I look to see how many messages I KILLED out of my inbox/archives. The above is 220 points! That was a great score! Some filters I create only remove 5 or 10 emails, some have in fact removed 2000!

The key is doing it immediately and making it fun to do! Again, in my case, I make it a game. If you enjoy playing farmville or other games, then I think the Gmail Filter game is just as fun AND it's actually productive! Good luck!