Garry Conn

What Are Your Opinions About Cloud-Based Web Hosting

I guess I am having trouble keeping up with the times. For years I used shared web hosting plans. A few times I used VPS web hosting plans. Eventually this all lead up to me saying forget it and that's when I decided to start managing my own web servers locally. For one, doing this helps me learn more about web server administration. When I run into problems, I don't have a live chat agent I can connect with to help me fix a problem. It's completely on me and at times, it can be challenging. But how else can you learn?

And so now we have the cloud and cloud-based web hosting services. To me, I just don't see a need for this in my environment. But then again, this is coming from a person who still doesn't like to use things like web-based email, such as Gmail. I love the service, but for me to feel comfortable it has to be as physical as possible. In the case with Gmail, I need to use a desktop mail application such as Thunderbird. 

What are your thoughts about cloud-based web hosting? Contact me and let me know.

Here's a video interview of Simon Anderson, CEO of Dreamhost, who talks about Linux and what the future holds in store for Dreamhost with the cloud.