Garry Conn

What is MacKeeper, Does it Work and is it Safe to Use?

By Garry Conn - Mon, Jan 28 2013, 2:57pm CST

If you're using an Apple computer and running Mac OS X then you might have stumbled across a program called MacKeeper. You might also be wondering what this program does, whether it is safe to use or even if it works according to what is being advertised.

According to the MacKeeper website, MacKeeper is an essential tool for your Mac. It’s an easy way to manage routine tasks and keep your Mac secured, clean and running fast!

There are many online discussions regarding MacKeeper. The program has for sure created a buzz among users. The message is pretty loud and clear. And that is that it's not worth downloading and in fact, many people feel that MacKeeper itself has virus level qualities.

One discussion specifically warns people not to install MacKeeper. In that discussion it further states that MacKeeper has been described by various sources as highly invasive malware that can destabilize the Mac OS X operating system.

Also mentioned is the topic about positive reviews that you may have seen on various places on the Internet. Apparently, Zeobit, the developers of MacKeeper paid out money to bloggers and other online publishers to deliberately write positive reviews and create a positive buzz about the program.

All in all, if you are interested in downloading MacKeeper you should resist the urge to do so. Mac OS X is a great operating system that tends to function and perform at top notch speed as-is. Internally there are tools within the operating system that can help you increase performance only if performance has decreased.