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Reasons Why People Are Leaving Ubuntu For Debian

By Garry Conn - Sun, Jan 27 2013, 11:34pm CST

Ubuntu has upset thousands of users over the last couple years. I am very surprised that they are not taking this feedback into consideration. I have talked about this quite a few times. I have been calling Ubuntu the Microsoft of Linux. It seems that the popularity and greed has gone to their head. If you are thinking about switching to a different Linux distro, I recommend using Debian. I have many reasons why I made the switch, just as I am sure you too are starting to accumulate more reasons.

One person wrote a post on his blog mentioning a few reasons why he switched from Ubuntu to Debian:

...a lot of Ubuntu's recent decisions have been turning me off. It started a couple years ago when they changed the default desktop environment from GNOME to Unity. I had played with Unity when it was called “Ubuntu Netbook Remix” and I thought it was a fun toy, and might be easier to use on a touchscreen device than GNOME. But they made it the default before it was ready. Still, I saw where they were going with it and respected them for being so ambitious.

Read the full post here and then see what other people are saying about this post here.

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