Garry Conn

How to Find Low-Cost VPS Web Hosting Services

So you're interested in finding cheap VPS web hosting, huh? As you probably already know, thru long hours of searching and pricing out VPS web hosting plans, VPS hosting can be quite expensive. Especially when compared to the prices of shared web hosting. What if I told you that you can get VPS web hosting for the same price as, if not less than, shared web hosting? I know, your initial reaction is "Heck No! I actually enjoy paying $49.95 per month!", right? Noooo! I am sure that you are interested, so I'll continue on.

A few months ago I discovered a website called, Low End Box. I can't remember how I ran across it. Probably when I was knee deep into a 3 hour Google search for cheap vps web hosting! Anyway, basically Low End Box publishes reviews of VPS web hosting providers. Over time, Low End Box became popular and apparently VPS providers have a great interest in scoring a review on the website. There's a lot of activity on the site, especially in the comment sections of each review. Initially you'd think that the review was provided by the author of the website. No! The real reviews of each VPS provider are in the comments sections. And boy do they get checked out.

That's great for customers who are looking for vps web hosting services. Just like me, I want cheap. But I don't want low quality hosting either. If need be, I would be willing to pay more money just to have higher quality web hosting. But on Low End Box, it's quite easy to figure out which VPS provider has things going on and which ones don't. So all in all, if you're looking for cheap vps web hosting, checking out Low End Box is totally worth a few moments of your time. Personally for me, I visit the site once or twice per week looking for new vps web hosting deals. Finding services like this is perfect for web designers, affiliate & internet marketers and other people who need to have multiple servers with different IP addresses in different locations.