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By Garry Conn - Mon, Oct 1 2012, 8:14am CDT

I run and maintain my own web servers. I operate a few web servers out of my home-office as well as a few remote located web servers in Dallas TX and San Jose CA. Many years ago when I got started with building websites and blogs I quickly discovered how difficult it was to maintain my own web server. It didn't really matter what kind of web hosting package I had, the one thing common with all was that I was responsible for keeping my websites up and running and live online. That was a big challenge for me, and one that easily held me back from doing things that could have counted!

After many years of sleepless nights I have become what I consider to be a true webmaster. It's an oldschool term that many people haven't heard before or no longer use. But, it's still a very active position and title. If you operate and maintain your own website, then you are a webmaster. Plain and simple. The problem though is that you might not be good at it or you might not want to be one! If you're like how I was, then worrying about all that server stuff is nothing more than a big pain in the butt.

That's why I offer managed web hosting services. I take care of all the web server and web hosting stuff while you focus on what's really important: being a website owner, web publisher or blogger. With my managed web hosting services you don't have to worry about cPanel, or WordPress installs and updates. You don't have to worry about setting up MySQL databases or making sure you have a backup of your website.

With my managed web hosting services, I am your webmaster. I am your tech support guy. I am the person who maintains the web server and makes sure that everything is running as it should. I am also just an email, instant message or even phone call away! I am the guy who you can ask questions and get answers. I am also the one who will quickly fix your website when you (not if - because you will) break your website.

Contact me today to ask questions or to get started. My managed web hosting services start at only $25/month. Once again, this covers everything you need in order to focus on the things that are important to you. Owning a website or blog shouldn't force people to become webmasters unless they really want to become one!